Friday, August 24, 2007

Dial-up BlackBerry for BroadBand Internet Access

I've been using Verizon for some time now, but its extreamly expensive. So I was looking for another way to get broadband access and found that my Blackberry 8700 is equipped!

I've been using the blackberry successfully with Cingular (now AT&T) as a modem paired with my laptop computer. I had to go through a number of resources to get this to work, but now that it does I haven't had any issues and am saving a bundle compared to my Verizon plan.

Specs: As I noted I have a Cingular 8700c, in "out of the box configuration". Below are the steps to enable it to work as a broadband modem.

1. Install the Blackberry Handheld Manager and connect the blackberry via the USB to your computer. This is required for using the device as an external modem. The Blackberry Handheld Manager app needs to be running whenever you want to connect to the internet.

2. Install the modem driver. I found the drivers under c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Modem Drivers\. One laptop I tested it didn’t work so I just used the standard drivers which also seemed to work. If you have issues ensure you are running a recent version of the Blackberry Desktop.

3. Ensure the new modem you created now exists on your system. On my system its "Standard Modem".

4. Query the modem.
Phone and Modem Options =>
Standard Modem (click properties) =>
Click on Diagnostics => Click Query and ensure the modem responds.

5. Add advanced modem settings for Cingular.
Phone and Modem Options =>
Standard Modem (click properties) =>
Click on Advanced. In the extra settings box add:

6. Add an internet connection for Cingular/AT&T.
Network Connections ->
Create a new connection ->
Next ->
Connect To The Internet, Next ->
Set up my connection manually, Next ->
Connect using a dial-up modem, Next ->
Standard modem (or whatever you named it above) and give this connection a name 'Blackberry Modem', Next ->
Phone number should be: *99# , Next ->
password: -> (blank)
Clear all checkboxes, Make this default... ->

7. Disable Compression.
Network Connections ->
Blackberry Model (Right click properties) ->
Click on configure ->
Uncheck everything under Hardware features (flow control, error control, compression). ->
Click OK.

At this point your computer is ready to use the Blackberry devices as a modem. Now we need to configure the Blackberry.

1. Go to Settings -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP and add the following information.

2. Sit back and enjoy the internet after connecting!

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