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Wily EPAgent Stopping Unexpectedly

So I started playing with the Wily EPA agent. It’s basically a way to run scripts on a remote server and report those metrics back into the Introscope EM product. It’s incredibly useful when you want to correlate date. Unfortunately installing it wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped!

For starters – I’m on windows. Easy guys – I’m trying to get off it, really I am. I have to work with what I got for now! One issue under windows is by default it doesn’t have a way to register as a service (it’s a java program).

Luckily someone on the community site already provided a service wrapper, thanks! I installed the service wrapper, started playing with a few of my WMI scripts. Never in my life have I written vbs other than when I took my VB 6 programming class in college, I just found out why I never used it beyond that.

WMI is so complex. I needed to go to MS site and do a lot of research on how to get accurate numbers from the WMI data. I provided some of my scripts but please don’t blame me if they are ideal.

I’m a geek - I wanted things like context switches per second, Processor Queue Length, Network Information, and more... Stuff I could have easily gotten with an awk command on took days of figuring out via the WMI interfaces… anyway checkout the scripts here:

System Information - http://www.hackedby.us/downloads/system.vbs
Physical Disk Information - http://www.hackedby.us/downloads/physicaldisk.vbs

So I attempted to start the service and it came up fine, but shortly after I would get a message user logged off then it shutdown. This was annoying! Come to find out windows sends a SIGNAL when a user logs off and java reads it. You can read more on this at the sun site.

The simple solution to this problem was to tell java to ignore the SIGNAL with the –Xrs option. I just added it to the wrapper conf file and was good to go.

# Java Additional Parameters

Hope this helps.

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